****Training available for kids, teenagers and adults****


    3 phases to maximize training

    • Accentuation- Work is done at the exact angles at which maximal for is produced 
    • Peak contraction- maximal strength is developed at the weakest body position
    • Accommodating resistance- near maximal force is developed throughout the entire range of motion. 




    Dynamic Effort method 

    • Used to increase a fast rate of force development and explosive strength
    • This method wont build or increase maximal strength


    Maximal effort method

    • Superior for both intramuscular and intermuscular coordination, will bring about the largest strength gains.
    • Absolute strength


    Repeated effort method

    • Produces different stimuli.
    • Used to increase muscle mass


    Different types of endurance

    • General endurance- ability to perform for a long time involving most muscle groups.
    • Directed endurance- aimed at changing to sport specific training such as jumping.
    • Sport specific endurance- overcoming fatigue in legs for running, jumping or maintaining fast hands.

    Different types of strengths

    • Explosive strength- developed in fast velocity.
    • Speed strength- intermediate velocity
    • Strength speed- slow velocity 90% and above.
    • Isometrics- zero velocity. 

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